Finding Interaction Structures in a Fish School — ASN Events

Finding Interaction Structures in a Fish School (#873)

Takayuki Niizato 1 , Hisashi Murakami 2 , Kazuki Sangu 1 , Takenori Tomaru 2 , Yuta Nishiyama 3 , Kohei Sonoda 4 , Yukio Pegio Gunji 5
  1. Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, JAPAN, Japan
  2. Kobe University, Hyogo
  3. Osaka University, Osaka
  4. Shiga University, Shitga
  5. Waseda University, Tokyo

We have investigated interaction-structure in a fish school by using ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis). Free swimming of ayu exhibits various self-similar structures such as speed, swimming distance (revi-walk) and waiting time in isolated and group conditions. We consider these self-similar properties facilitate coherent group behavior smoothly. Furthermore, we also have examined the interaction structure in a small population from two to three (or four) fishes. Underlying interaction structure in collective behavior would make a fish school stabilize and unstabilize throughout one series of events.