Speed Talks — ASN Events
9:45AM - 10:15AM
Hall A
Chair: Culum Brown

Pietro B D'Amelio


Call me maybe. Usage of unlearned vocalizations, calls, in just met and established zebra finches pairs. abs# 803 

Charline Couchoux

The world of espionage to the rescue! Or how can collar-mounted miniature spy microphones provide behavioural ecologists and acousticians an incredible glimpse at small wildlife sound production.   abs# 811 

Fonti Kar

Contextual and performance predictors of contest outcomes in male Eastern Water Skinks (Eulamprus quoyii) abs# 814 

Munehiko Ito

Sexual difference in aggressiveness in sex-role reversed cichlid fish     abs# 816

 Rachel Templin

A third form of polarization vision: Elliptical polarization vision in the stomatopod Haptosquilla trispinosa abs# 823 

Tatiana TL Leite

Habitat ecology, foraging and diet of the predator Octopus cyanea in the coral reef system of Moorea, French Polynesia abs# 829 

Trenton Stewart

Response of a small tropical forest mammal community to fragmentation abs# 836 

Wendy J. King

Sample size affects network measures in a species with high fission-fusion dynamics abs# 843 

Jane Clothier

Developing a Methodology for Measuring Stress Responses in Pastured Horses Using Salivary Cortisol Concentration abs# 848 

Luis Alberto Ambrósio

Resilience of the dairy cattle behaviour system to climate changes disturbances. abs# 858 

Maria Ericsson

Domestication effects of early postnatal stressor exposure on HPA-axis reactivity and behaviour in chickens (Gallus gallus). abs# 849 

Souvik Mandal

Does the wasp know where she is? Capability, mechanism and ontogeny of orientation in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata abs# 864 

Joanna Day

Where are my PJs?: Movement of Port Jackson sharks at breeding aggregation sites abs# 865 

Kim Hunter

A novel tracking system offers insights into amphibian ecology abs# 871 

Evan Byrnes

Individual Personality Differences in Port Jackson sharks (Heterodontus portusjacksoni) abs# 876 

Ayla Turner

Do Melomys cervinipes have personalities? Variations in behaviour and hormones abs# 877 

Yvonne Wuerz

Heritability estimates and fitness consequences of zebra finch personality derived from bi-directional selection lines on three personality axes abs# 881 

Martin L Hing

Sociality in a habitat specialist fish – An investigation of the Ecological Constraints hypothesis abs# 888 

Anindita Brahma

Three better than two but two not better than one: A study of nest foundation in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata abs# 893 

Lisa Horn

Work together, move together – Cooperation promotes interpersonal synchrony in human dyads abs# 898 

Margaret R. Hawkins

Duration, Persistence and remaining mysteries in the maternal behaviour of platypus (ornithorynchus anatinus). abs# 900 

Taylor L Heaton Crisologo

Temporal patterns in parental aggression match mortality rates during the nestling stage in the Herring Gull abs# 902